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What does ClubHombre have to offer for the Argentina traveler?

ClubHombre has all your Argentina, Sex, Hobbying, Escort, and Nightlife Information.

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Argentina is a destination that should probably be added to every sex traveler's list. Argentina, specifically Buenos Aires, has the reputation for an extremely high female to male ratio. What does this mean for you? More beautiful women to choose from, of course! The Buenos Aires nightlife scene is fantastic and one of the most famous in the world.

Hobbying in Argentina, like in most countries except for the Unites States, can be found at a variety of different locations. You will be able to find freelancers working out of a nightclub or cafe, clubs, and escort agencies.

One of the main areas in Buenos Aires is called Recoleta. You will probably be spending a lot of time there should you choose to go to Argentina! Everything in this area is within very short walking distance. There are also many restaurants and a movie theatre.

For a very long time the Argentine peso was tied to the dollar. With the recent financial troubles the country has been having, the peso has been allowed to float. The exchange rate between the US dollar and the Argentine peso is now very favorable. Still, Buenos Aires will not be the cheapest destination in the world, but you won't be disappointed by the beauty of the women there.

Another one of Argentina's main attractions for the sex traveler are the escort services. If you aren't too keen on picking up a lady from nightclub or bar, you can arrange to have an escort meet you at your hotel. The services have websites with pictures of all the ladies. You can make your arrangement directly with the lady. Prices and the availability of the escorts will vary widely on these sites, so you should leave a lot of options open should you choose to hookup with an escort. The other main advantage in choosing an escort in Argentina is that you don't have to worry about the services the escorts provide. They will all have sex with you! ClubHombre reviews some of the ladies that work for the escort services in Buenos Aires. We provide information on some of the more popular escorts like Escorts Argentina, Platynum, Area VIP, Belgrano Escorts, Gemidos, and Paraiso Terrenal. It shoud also be noted that these places are not escort angencies in the traditional sense, rather they are listing for independent escorts in Argentina.

ClubHombre features information about many of the local brothels and brothel apartments in Buenos Aires. These are simply apartments located around the city that usually provide a small number of ladies for incall service. Many of the ladies that work in these brothel apartments are also listed on the independant escort internet sites we referenced earlier. Using the brothels is a great way to get to know the escorts before deciding to spend more time with them. The prices generally vary, but AR$ 100 for an hour is normal.Some of the brothel apartments we have information include Bonnefemme and Cielo Private, We list many more though. Most do not have a name, per se, but they go by the local street address. In many cases we have the street address and phone number, including some basic instructions on how to find the place.

The massage scene does not appear to be that big in Buenos Aires, especially since sex is so readily available throughout the city. However, if a sensual massage is your thing, our members have posted some information about local massage parlors including Brisa Institute, Biotonic Center, and Calipso. These are all located in Buenos Aires.

Yet another option for sex and a place to pickup beautiful Argentine ladies are local coffee shops. You may not thing of Coffee Shops as a pickup place for ladies and sex, but that is BA for you. The scene is rather small, but places liek Cafe Orleans, Cafe Exedra, and others are a great place to pickup some freelancing hookers.

There are some things to consider and choices to be made when visiting Argentina. One of the great advantages of a ClubHombre membership is that you can leverage the experience of our rapidly growing user base. If there are hotels you are considering staying at, you can post a message and ask a question about it on the South America chat board. We also have an entire section dedicated to Argentina with a large group of regular contributors that are happy to help out first time visitors to Argentina. Even if you've been to Argentina a few times you should consider joining ClubHombre. Perhaps something was missed on a previous trip that ClubHombre has information on. Maybe you are planning a trip to Argentina but are considering a side trip to Brazil or Peru while you are there. What is the best way to get there? Where should you stay? Is it safe? Where at the hottest clubs and what are their prices? These questions and more are answered inside ClubHombre!

There is no pornography or explicit XXX pictures on ClubHombre. But we do feature lots of pictures of real working ladies from Argentina. With a account, you'll be able to have your own XXX sexual experience with any number of beautiful women that can be found at a variety of locations throughout the city.

Argentina is a place that should be added to any sex traveler's destination list. can help you have a good time in Argentina. Expect the following from a account:

  1. Trip reports from experienced veterans and adventurous newbies about Buenos Aires.
  2. Detailed information on the sex scene and the wonderful women of Argentina. (+photos for Hombre Plus annual members)
  3. Reviews and suggestions for many major establishments including Affaire, Black, Cattos, Closer, Cocodrilo, Cutty Sark, Hook, Ladies, Madaho's (or Madahos), Monte Carlo, Ness, Newport, Password, PlayWoman (Play Woman), Salome, Shampoo, Sodoma, Solid Gold and many others! Many of these are located in the famous Recoleta nightlife area. However some are harder to find. We also have many reviews and addresses of local bars and pickup places that only the locals know about!
  4. Details on where to stay and how to find the best deals in addition to hotel reviews and addresses of many lady friendly hotels like Art Suites, Dazzler Hotel, Design Suites, Etoile Hotel and Sofitel Hotel.
  5. Information, reviews and details about some of the escort ladies that are listed on Escorts Argentina and Platynum and many other smaller escort sites as well.
  6. Tips on how to avoid costly rip-offs and scams and how to save time and money during your trip.
  7. Online calendar and travel buddy section for meeting up with fellow adventurers.
  8. Detailed suggestions and guides to make your adventures safer, more enjoyable, and more fun.
  9. Pictures! Tons and tons of pictures with more added daily. Real working ladies from Argentina and many, many more places around the world!

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